Artistic photo, graphics, St.Petersburg

Photographer Andrey Ponomarev

Russian English


My name is Andrey Ponomarev

Photographer. Artistic photography and graphic processing.

Photographing from childhood. I love to trevel, to view something unusual and nice.
Love the beauty of nature, humans. Trying to catch the nice moment and give it to the other people...

Live and work in St.Petersburg.

Took part in exhibitions:

- "Kondurov's ART", St.Petersburg Union of Artists, Big hall, 2006.

- International exhibition "Biennale of Graphics 2006", Maneg, St.Petersburg.

- International festival of arts "Master Class", St.Petersburg Union of Artists, 2006.

- Exhibition in Petrovsky Fort, St.Petersburg, 2006.

- Exhibition in Repino, 2006.

- International festival of arts "Master Class", Ethnographic museum, St.Petersburg, 2008.

- Exibition with "ARHE" project in Athens, Greece, 2008

(c) Copyright Andrey Ponomarev,

St.Petersburg, 2014

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